We, “West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited (WBCIL)” is located at Kolkata, West Bengal. We are the manufacturer and supplier of the chemicals like Ferric Orthophosphate, Ferric Ammonium Citrate, Calcium Propionate, Sodium Butyrate, and Ferrous Ascorbate.

West Bengal Chemical Industries

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We are one of the prominent manufacturer and supplier of the high quality of the Ferric Orthophosphate. We manufacture these using the high quality raw materials at the industry leading prices. Ferric Orthophosphate (FePO4•xH2O) also known as Iron (III) Phosphate or Ferric Phosphate, is an odorless and tasteless powder having elemental Iron (Fe) content 26 % to 32 % . It is generally used as a nutritional source of iron in the enrichment of bread, macaroni, cereal, rice, syrup, animal feed and other food products. It does not adversely affect color, odor and taste of food products. we get our products from the leading phosphate importers. Ferric Orthophosphate does not cause rancidity and its light color favors its use in certain foods. Since Ferric Orthophosphate is non-magnetic, it cannot be removed by magnetic separators during processing. It is one of the few molluscicides approved for use in the practice of organic farming. Unlike the older metaldehyde, it is non-toxic to pets and wildlife.

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